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Kevin’s Story

A man smiles at the camera as he stands against the background of the Brisbane City skyline.

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Kevin moved into 15 Hope Street last year, in 2020. Since then, he has found purpose in volunteering at the Union Office.

Kevin moved into 15 Hope Street last year, in 2020. Since then, he has found purpose in volunteering at the Union Office around the corner.

“I’ve been busy at the Union Office. I volunteer there. I help them set the rooms up for meetings or parties or events. I do a lot of volunteering. When they have to go help out on Election Day, when they have to vote, I am always giving out how to vote cards.”

In the short time that he has been volunteering there he says he has been able to make plenty of friends.

Outside of his volunteer work, Kevin says that he tries to look after himself. “I go to the QUT Gym.”

He also utilises the Five Good Friends program, provided through the NDIS program.  “Five Good Friends take me out. They take me places where I cannot go and they do cleaning.” He finds this service particularly useful.

Kevin also has extensive family support. “My mum and my sisters. I have three sisters but I only talk to two. I don’t get to talk to the other one because they live in Bundaberg.”

Much like Kevin does, his family live eventful lives. “They are very busy. The only time I go up [to see them] is around Christmas time, because sometimes my other sister has to work so much that I come up to look after the grandkids. My niece and nephew.” He enjoys looking after the kids and having the opportunity to visit his family.

He is very happy with where he is in life. Before he came to Common Ground his situation wasn’t ideal. “I was at a boarding house. It was not good. The caretaker kept coming into my room.” Here at Hope Street he has been able to find a quiet place to call his own.

Written 2021

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