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Arielle’s Story

Image of Arielle at Hope Street Cafe, standing in front of her artworks.

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Meet Arielle - a talented artist who lives here at Brisbane Common Ground. We caught up with Arielle to talk about her newest exhibition.

Meet Arielle – one of our talented artists who lives right here at Brisbane Common Ground (BCG).

Arielle is currently exhibiting her art next-door at Hope St Cafe, run by our partner organisation Micah Projects. We caught up with her to ask her about her art and what it’s like living at Brisbane Common Ground.

Your exhibition is titled ‘Leveret Amidst Oblivion’. What does this title mean to you?

A leveret is a term for a baby hare, a symbol that resonates with me partly because of my grandmother’s fondness for Peter Rabbit; I view the hare as a seemingly timid yet strong and mystical creature. The term oblivion evokes imagery related to chaos and nothingness, reminiscent of a primordial soup. This imagery represents how I feel as a sensitive individual navigating the complexities of reality.

If you had to choose, what work is your favourite amongst the exhibition?

Noble Rot II. This artwork stemmed from one of those daunting artistic experiments where I fretted over the possibility of wasting hours of my life, having nothing to show but a scrunched-up ball of paper. Lo and behold! It turned out to be a success, marking a defining moment in my artistic practice when I could say: yes, this is my artistic identity. This artwork is also emotionally significant to me as it explores the concept of transmuting painful experiences into works of beauty.

You’re an artist living here at Brisbane Common Ground. What do you like about being at Brisbane Common Ground?

Firstly, as a young person amidst a housing crisis, I greatly appreciate the affordability of rent at  Brisbane Common Ground. The units are state-of-the-art, and having access to a 24/7 concierge feels revolutionary for public housing. The location, in the heart of the city, is a dream for most. The team at  BCG goes above and beyond by offering comprehensive support, including creative assistance, as evidenced by my current exhibition! I sincerely thank BCG for all the support I’ve received over the years.

Thanks Arielle! Don’t forget to visit Hope St Cafe at 15 Hope Street to have a look at the exhibition before it ends on Friday 29 March.

Written 2024

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