Our Policies

Pet Policy

Common Ground Queensland acknowledges the role of pets in our society and the integral part that they may play in a tenant’s life.  Common Ground Queensland supports tenants to keep pets that are appropriate for high density living when the tenant is, or has the potential to be a responsible pet owner and have the resources to own a pet.

In implementing this policy, Common Ground Queensland abides by the following guidelines:

  • The keeping of pets in Brisbane Common Ground complies with local government (council) by-laws;
  • The decision to approve the keeping of a pet is at the discretion of Common Ground Queensland and can be withdrawn at any time if there is a breach to the tenant’s General Tenancy Agreement (RTA Form 18a) relating to the pet and the Terms and Conditions outlined in the Pet Application Form;
  • A tenant must apply to Common Ground Queensland for approval to keep a pet;
  • The number of cats and/or dogs is restricted to one per unit. Smaller pets in cages and tanks are to be assessed on individual applications;
  • The pet must not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of neighbours;
  • If the application is for a dog or cat, the applicant must provide a Veterinarian Certificate confirming the pet is de-sexed. If the animal is too young to be de-sexed at the time of application, approval may be given subject to confirmation of the de-sexing at a date no later than seven months of age for a dog and three months of age for a cat. Smaller pets, in cages or tanks are to be assessed on individual applications;
  • Proof of up to date vaccinations for dogs and cats must be available at the time of application;
  • If the pet is approved, the tenant must provide a photo of the pet, details of an emergency carer and the Veterinarian’s name and contact information as set out in the Pet Application Form; and
  • Brisbane Common Ground does not accommodate visitor’s pets.


Procedures that Implement

This policy will be actively implemented by adherence to the following procedures:

  • Pet Procedure
  • Tenancy Management (Residential) Procedure


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Uluru Statement From The Heart

Common Ground Queensland accepts the invitation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and supports a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Australian Constitution.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Owners and Custodians of the land on which we work. We recognise sovereignty was never ceded.